Newest Trump Adviser Faces Lawsuit For Banning Black People & ‘N*gger’ Music (DETAILS)


This week President-elect Donald Trump added yet another vile human being to his roster of White House Advisers, The Daily Beast reports.

On Monday Trump announced Reed Cordish, the president of a real estate management company called Entertainment Concept Investors (ECI), will be serving him as assistant to the president for Intergovernmental and Technology Initiatives.

ECI owns and manages several restaurants, bars, and nightclubs throughout the country, with its largest businesses in Kansas City. Cordish worked in partnership with Trump’s son-in-law and fellow White House adviser, Jared Kushner, on building the city’s Power and Light District.

The Power and Light District, however, is known for its tendency to discriminate against black residents. Many even refer to it as the “Power and White District,” as several businesses throughout the area have faced lawsuits for racial discrimination. In fact, ECI is currently in the midst of a lawsuit for racial discrimination that took place in the same area, over a project Cordish and Kushner worked on together.

Dante Combs and Adam Williams filed a class-action lawsuit against ECI in 2014, claiming they were physically beaten and verbally harassed by white employees.

Christian Martinez, a former floor manager at a Kansas City nightclub called Tengo, testified against Cordish, saying “Reed Cordish’s code words for blacks was ‘urbans’ or ‘Canadians.'”

Martinez went on to allege that the Vice-President of ECI “did not want any African-Americans” at Tengo. She recalled once hearing Miller yell racist remarks when asking a DJ to change the club’s music, saying:

‘Get that f*cking n**ger music off here.’

According to Martinez, Cordish’s company tried their utmost to prevent African-Americans from coming to the club. One way they did this was by hiring a “rabbit.” She recalled:

‘A “rabbit’ was a white kid who got free drinks to go around the District, do whatever he wanted, so long as he singled out blacks and started confrontations with them.’

Former Cordish employee, William Whitlock, also testified against Miller, saying:

‘He made the comment that if he ever saw this many n**gers in the building again, he would chain the doors and burn it down with me inside.’

ECI won the initial lawsuit, but Combs and Williams have decided to appeal the court’s decision.

Speaking about his family’s companies, Cordish claimed that they were “built upon an ethos of public service and commitment to transforming American cities across the country.”

After the media caught wind of the story, the Trump transition team released a statement calling the allegations against Cordish “baseless.”

‘The allegations referenced against the company were determined to be baseless and dismissed by summary judgment with no finding of wrongdoing. In fact Cordish has been recognized from leading civil-rights groups as a model company for inclusiveness.’

It’s worth noting, however, that a series of conflicts of interest appears in Trump’s selection of Cordish as a White House adviser.

As it turns out, Trump is friends with David Cordish, who happens to own ECI’s parent company. As well, Ivanka Trump is friends with Cordish and helped to set him up with his current wife.

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