The Latest Cartoon From POLITICO Is Going To Make Donald Trump Wig Out (IMAGE)


POLITICO has just released the latest cartoon from the publication’s own Matt Wuerker.

The cartoon is a parody of the upcoming parade that will be held on Friday afternoon in honor of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

It features, out in the front, what seem to be Russian folk dancers, parodying Trump’s disturbing and still partially ambiguous fondness for Russia. The Russian folk dancers out in front also references the fact that Russian hacking of interests in the U.S. Democratic Party bears a significant level of responsibility for that Donald Trump is even being inaugurated at all.

Behind the Russian folk dancers is what seems to be a contingent of FBI agents, parodying how Trump has ended up taking the intelligence agency as his own personal baby in exploiting the agency’s pre-existing bias towards him.

Other figures in the parodied parade include a huge balloon depicting the blue bird that’s the symbol for Twitter, along with a float dedicated to Fox News.

Check out the cartoon below.

Ironically, the actual, real life inaugural parade itself already lent itself to being a laughingstock. The Trump transition and inaugural planning team has continually found itself so desperate for any sort of actual, real, widely respected, famous face to appear at the inauguration festivities that the parade literally had to have about an hour shaved off of it because there just wasn’t enough participation.

Sure, it’s just a cartoon. In a normal world with an even barely normal man about to assume the presidency, one could be pretty safe in suggesting that the president-elect wouldn’t be irked by such a thing. After all, he/she’s got a lot more important things to worry about, right?

Wrong. (It’s wrong in Trump’s case, at least.)

The president-elect cares at least as much about his public image as he does about anything that’s actually substantive and meaningful. Donald Trump, for example, has waged Twitter war with Saturday Night Live over the show’s portrayal of him for literally months. He — the man who is about the be the president of the United States — is not one to easily let even the slightest of slights against him go unnoticed.

Featured Image via Will Heath/ NBC/ NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images