Chris Christie Just Blamed His Wife For Turning Down Trump Cabinet Position (DETAILS)


On Wednesday, while he was guest hosting on the radio show “Boomer and Carton,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie explained why he chose not to take a job as part of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet.

According to Christie, he decided not to join the Trump administration because his wife did not want to relocate to Washington, D.C. He explained:

‘He didn’t offer me a job that I thought was exciting enough for me to leave the governorship, and my family. Because Mary Pat made really clear she wasn’t coming to D.C.’

In December, it was revealed that Christie had been offered several posts, including Homeland Security secretary, Veterans Affairs secretary, an advisory position, and a job as the U.S. ambassador to Italy. If Christie had chosen to accept one of these positions, as his co-host Craig Carton pointed out, he would have had to commit to at least two years in Washington.

This is not the first time Christie has talked about his decision not to accept a cabinet position. Earlier this week, Christie spoke to radio host Mike Francesa and gave similar reasons for electing to stay in New Jersey.

When asked about the “multiple jobs” he turned down, Christie responded:

‘They weren’t jobs that I wanted.’

Christie did admit during the interview that there was “about one” job that he did have his heart set on, although he did not specify which one. He merely explained that none of the jobs that he was offered were “worth leaving the governorship for.”

Christie, whose time as governor has been plagued with scandal, also suggested that timing had something to do with his decision to decline the offers:

‘Listen: It’s not like I was at the end of my term. If you’re at the end of your term, you might have thought differently. But when you’ve got another year left to go as governor of New Jersey, it’s got to be a really great job you want to take.’

Christie, a former presidential candidate himself, stuck close by Trump’s side throughout the election, and it seems that he is now being rewarded for his loyalty. Although Christie is not, at this time, joining Trump in Washington, POLITICO reported that he has been tapped by Trump as someone that could potentially take over if any of his initial appointments don’t work out.

One senior transition aide told POLITICO about the slots that could potentially open up:

‘There’s waves in everything. There’s waves in campaigns. There was [Corey] Lewandowski. Then, there was Paul Manafort. Then, there was [David] Bossie, [Stephen] Bannon, and Kellyanne [Conway]. That’s how Trump operates. It’s “Game of Thrones,” “The Apprentice,” and “Survivor” all mixed into one.’

According to insiders, Christie has maintained a close friendship with Trump, and the two have reportedly spoken “a bunch” over the last several weeks. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump all but confirmed that Christie would someday join his team when he said, “at some point, we’re going to do something with Chris.” He added:

‘Don’t forget: We have a lot of positions. There are a lot of positions, and the positions come up again. Because when they’re filled, somebody stays for eight years, somebody stays for two years — you never know. But we’ll be involved with Chris. Chris is a friend of mine. Chris is a great guy.’

Featured image via Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images.