Ellen Says Goodbye To President Obama In Heartbreaking Must See Tribute (VIDEO)


On Ellen DeGeneres’ Thursday morning show, the host who has stood as a spokesperson for LGBTQ rights thanked our outgoing president for his service to the country and dedicated her show to him and his wife.

The resulting tribute video, in true Ellen style, managed to be both hilarious and heartbreaking as she thanked our president for the wonderful accomplishments he made in the areas that Ellen herself fought so hard and so courageously to advance.

‘I want to personally thank (the president) for changing my life. I am a legally married woman because of him and so is my wife.’

President Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama have enjoyed a friendly and fun relationship over the years with the first television personality leading in a show to be openly gay and to come out publicly on an episode of that show in which she starred. After years of criticism and public scorn, Ellen stood tall and held to her principles, finally seeing her fight for human rights and LGBTQ rights acknowledged by a sitting president of the United States.

Obama even awarded Ellen DeGeneres with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in November of 2016 for the work she has done and the courage she showed as she openly sobbed.

‘It’s easy to forget now, when we’ve come so far, where now marriage is equal under the law, just how much courage was required for Ellen to come out on the most public of stages almost 20 years ago.’

While it may have taken far too long for DeGeneres to see her sacrifices acknowledged, much less honored and awarded, and while far too many had to suffer discrimination and even physical and psychological violence against them by homophobic people, President Obama did more than any other president to honor the sacrifices of all those who fought for so long and so hard to see all American citizens granted the same rights in marriage equality, just as Ellen did more than any other celebrity at the time did to fight for those rights.

Her tribute to President and Michelle Obama was beautiful as a result.

See the full tribute video, aired on Thursday morning’s Ellen show, below:

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