JUST IN: Police & Protesters Clashing Outside ‘DeploraBall’ – Reports Are Wild (TWEETS)


With the inauguration festivities underway, so are protests across the country, especially in Washington D.C. That also means, however, police are clashing with protesters.

The LA Times reported protesters were clashing with police outside the “DeploraBall,” which is an event planned by many in the alt-right movement. The protesters were part of an anti-fascist group called Refuse Fascism. Their director said:

‘They are white supremacist fascists. They are about to reinstate a fascist government.’

With smartphones readily available, several videos and images were taken of the protests and clashes with police. One twitter user posted an image of riot police outside of the “DeploraBall.”

‘Riot police outside the #Inauguration #DeploraBall protest #DisruptJ20’

The same user also tweeted more photos.

‘More riot police with shields at the #DeploraBall #DisruptJ20 protest in DC’

RT America reported that police were firing tear gas at protesters, who were also throwing things at officers. RT’s Alexander Rubinstein tweeted:

‘Police push my head into heavy camera, protesters throw bike, explosives, signs and water balloons. Then I got hit by pepper spray grenade.’

One video uploaded to Twitter showed protesters burning a “Make America Great Again” cap while chanting, “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.”

‘Protestors burn a Make America Great Again as they protest outside the DeploraBall at National Press Club in DC.’

DCMediaGRoup also tweeted that mace and tear gas were used and that arrests and injuries had occurred.

‘BREAKING: DC police mace, teargas anti-Trump protests outside National Press club. Video: #disruptj20’

‘Update: Police move to control anti-Trump protest at National Press Club-arrests injuries. #disruptj20 #DeploraBall TrumpInaugural’

Featured image via Getty Images / Mark Wilson.