JUST IN: President-Elect Donald Trump Has Violated The U.S. Constitution (VIDEO)


Who could have imagined that the Donald Trump press secretary would have turned his first press conference into an infomercial for Trump’s hotel? The renovated Trump International Hotel is just four blocks down the street from the White House. No surprise that Trump has already violated the Constitution somehow.

The emoluments clause in the Constitution says that the president of the U.S. cannot receive gifts from foreign governments, according to Think Progress. Trump invited people from all over the globe to a reception to celebrate his election in November with a lavish dinner, raffle prizes, and Trump champagne. That is not what he did wrong.

The problem is where the future president held the event, his own hotel. Some of his guests stayed in the hotel rooms and paid for them out of their own pockets — bad plan. In other words, Trump hauled in beaucoup bucks.

During press secretary Sean Spicer’s news conference, reporters asked him how Trump planned on separating his hotel business from his government responsibilities, according to POLITICO. Of course Spicer supported his boss:

‘I think that’s pretty smart. I think the idea that he’s going to his own hotel shouldn’t be a shocker. It’s a beautiful place, it’s somewhere that he’s very proud of, and I think it’s symbolic of the kind of government that he’s going to run.’

One Middle Eastern diplomat told the Washington Post:

‘Believe me, all the delegations will go there.’

POLITICO reported that Spicer crowed:

‘It’s an absolutely stunning hotel. I encourage you to go there if you haven’t been by.

‘I don’t think the idea that President-elect Trump is having a reception at Trump Hotel should be a shocker to anybody.’

Spicer was off and running with his infomercial. He bragged about the hotel coming in under budget. Then he tried to tie that private accomplishment to Trump’s government action, saying that the transition team’s activities came in under 20 percent under budget, too.

The hotel barred reporters during the inaugural week, but Spicer told POLITICO that “contrary to rumors,” it is open to the public, and that includes media. However, the director of sales and marketing for the hotel wrote:

‘Media is not allowed in this week in respect of the privacy of our guests.’

Check out the entire news conference in the video below:

Featured Image: Getty Images.