NY Times Writer Perfectly Annihilates Trump’s Immigrant Rhetoric Using His Own Family Tree


Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times has just delivered an absolutely stunning burn of the incoming president’s most virulently anti-immigrant policy positions.

Trump, of course, literally kicked off his presidential campaign by railing against populations of Mexican immigrants as supposedly harboring an especially large number of “criminals and rapists.” He’s continued on with this rhetoric all the way to the present, with his transition team having just recently resurrected again the idea of a wall along the entire border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Kristof produced a video for his home publication detailing why it’s so very deeply ironic that Trump and his team hold to these anti-immigrant views. After all, Donald Trump himself is a grandson of German immigrants.

Kristof began quite simply, saying:

‘I’d like to share with Donald Trump the story of one immigrant family that should change the way he sees today’s immigrants. It’s a story that everyone should hear.’

The NYT columnist went on to describe, initially without naming names, the story of Donald Trump’s own family.

He began:

‘In a farm town abroad, a young boy is raised by a single mom with many mouths to feed. Stifled by a lack of opportunity, the boy leaves everything behind to travel to America. At only sixteen years of age, with very little education, he finally gets a manual job, in a barber shop… The west coast is supposedly full of opportunity, so he joins the thousands of immigrants streaming westward, seeking good fortune.’

Kristof’s story then went on to become slowly but surely more personal to the president-elect.

He continued:

‘Years later, the man’s country of origin is declared an enemy of the U.S., and his countrymen are put on a government watch list. The man’s son worked hard and prospered, and married another immigrant. They had a son, who today is enormously wealthy and powerful, known worldwide.’

The NYT columnist concluded by looking straight into the camera and saying solemnly:

‘This grandson, Donald Trump, is about to be the 45th president of the United States.’

And yet, as Kristof points out, the president-elect has so hypocritically taken to slamming the very kind of thing — immigrants moving to the U.S. in search of better lives — that allowed for him to ever have a platform to say anything at all.

Check out Kristof’s video below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.