Angry Protesters Lead March Outside Historic Ford Theater In Opposition To Trump (IMAGE)


In the lead up to President Donald Trump’s inauguration, there have been many protests voicing their opposition to his incoming administration. In fact, there are some reports that the number of protesters might exceed the number of those who are celebrating.

One of the most intense protests took place last night outside the National Press Club building, where protesters clashed with members of the Washington Metropolitan Police. The confrontation reportedly began when protesters threw empty water bottles at people leaving Thursday evening inaugural festivities. The event was reportedly attended by many members of the alt-right movement. The alt-right is made up of white supremacists and other fringe right-wing movements.

Currently, there is a protest being held outside the historic Ford’s Theater where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated shortly after the end of the Civil War.

‘Protesters outside historic Ford’s Theater where President Lincoln was shot.

Of course the largest protest will on Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington. The group’s Facebook page says they are expecting about 200,000 people to attend the event. Additionally, there will be sister marches in every state, as well as major cities around the world.

The event is being organized to protest the fact that throughout his campaign and career, Trump has been completely sexist and misogynist, and has showed little respect for women. He has frequently insulted women calling those who disagree with him all kinds of horrible names. After one of the GOP debates, he even claimed that the reason Megyn Kelly questioned him was because she had “blood coming out of her wherever.”

That’s right, the incoming President of the United States accused a female reporter of questioning him because she was on her period. It’s going to be a long four years, isn’t it?

In addition to his sexist comments, Trump has came out in support of anti-choice policies even going so far as to see that people needed to be punished for having an abortion. This is a reversal from his stance some years ago when he claimed he was pro-choice because he was raised in New York City.

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