Bernie Sanders Just Released A Message That Every American Should See (VIDEO)


As many in America begin the process of mourning the death of the Democratic Party and the end of an Obama legacy, Bernie Sanders has posted a video on his Facebook page that may instill some hope and vigor in liberals yet.

He posted:

‘Today is going to be a tough day for millions of Americans, including myself. But we cannot throw up our hands in despair. We have to fight back as effectively and as vigorously as we can. We are not giving up.’

In the video, he repeated that sentiment. However, he also added in his gruff Brooklyn accented voice that exuded toughness:

‘And our job is to keep our eyes on the prize. And the prize is that we will continue fighting for a government that represents all of us, not just the one percent, and we’re going to go forward in the fight for economic, social, environmental, and racial justice. That’s who we are. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re not giving up’.

Facebook users responded to the video. With 92,000 likes and responses, and over 30,000 shares, some lamented that Sen. Sanders should have been our president, others promised they’d keep up the fight.

‘This day should be yours. Will keep fighting!’

‘It is like a pendulum. Each time it swings a new impulse is applied and it swings a little higher the other way. I think we will see it swing so hard to the left next time it will get stuck. Obama leaving with a 60% approval and Trump at 30% the momentum to the left has already started.’

‘thank you Bernie, i’m so appreciative of your leadership and your courage. and just know that you, yourself, have inspired so many of us to fight for what’s just, the same way you are.’

‘Regardless of who is in the WH, Bernie has been the leader we need and HAVE for this time in history. We have many fine leaders, but I believe he especially is one of the finest!’

‘We love you, Bernie! Thank you for continuing to guide us on the political revolution! Rome was not built in a day, and neither is this process.’

You can watch Sanders’ video below.

Featured image via Getty Images / Alex Wong.