Hacker Group Anonymous Releases Ominous Threat To Trump – The Donald Is Silent


Anonymous has been known to take a stand against the tyranny of evil men and women who strive to make this country, and the entire planet, their own personal voodoo doll. In the past, the hacker group has come out against the KKK, as well as ISIS, but have also taken a special interest in the next leader of the free world, Donald Trump.

Anonymous’ reports come just days after Trump blames the outgoing director of the CIA for leaking “fake” news to the media just to make him look bad. While half of the nation may know that Trump had no help in ruining his reputation, the rest of the flock truly believes the ignorance spouted by Trump.

This is dangerous, and Anonymous knows it.

Saying “Information doesn’t vanish, it is all out there,” Anonymous promised to dig up any dirt that they could find regarding Trump’s connections to “Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money launderers.”

The group clarified that this attack has nothing to do with Donald Trump being a Republican, but that this is a bipartisan effort to better the world.

President-elect Trump has not yet responded to any of Anonymous’ tweets.

Scared much?