JUST IN: Impeachment Efforts Against Donald Trump Already In The Works (DETAILS)


There is no time like the present to impeach Donald Trump, and the effort has already begun. A couple of liberal advocacy groups have started a campaign in support of his impeachment, which is already available online at ImpeachDonaldTrumpNow.org.

Free Speech for People and Roots Action are building their cases against Trump maintaining his luxury hotel and golf course business, rather than divesting (selling) them. According to ethics experts, keeping his businesses could well lead to constitutional violations and erode public faith in the new president.

Legal director of Free Speech For People Ron Fein told the Washington Post:

‘If we were wait for all the ill effects that could come from this, too much damage to our democracy would occur. It will undermine faith in basic institutions.’

Fein said Americans must trust their leader, according to the Washington Post:

‘If nothing else, it’s important for Americans to trust that the president is doing what he thinks is the right thing … not that it would help jump-start a stalled casino project in another country.’

Democrats in the Congress  are moving into strategical position to block the Donald Trump agenda. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will be requesting public-records and filing lawsuits in a progressive campaign to protect immigrants and government transparency.

ACLU’s  executive director Anthony D. Romero told WaPo:

‘We think that President Trump will be in violation of the Constitution and federal statutes on day one, and we plan a vigorous offense to ensure the worst of the constitutional violations do not occur.

‘We may have a new president, but we have the same old system of checks and balances.’

As soon as Donald Trump took office, he allegedly violated the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause. This forbids presidents from taking gifts or benefits from a foreign leader or government.

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China pays rent in the New York Trump Tower. Foreign diplomats are spending money at his properties. Trump’s Philipines business partner pays him royalties. Even though Trump said he would donate all proceedings to the U.S. Treasury, there are no details holding up this deal.

Fein has his strategy in place. First, get a resolution introduced into the House Judiciary Committee, which will then investigate to discover if there are grounds for impeachment. Fein is certain that numerous Congress members are working toward this. He continued with WaPo:

‘Getting it introduced is not going to be a problem.’

How likely is a GOP-controlled House to launch an investigation? Maybe, none now, but Fein believes it will not be long until that situation changes. Fein said:

‘I think that at a certain point, the combination of new revelations coming out and, importantly, calls and pressure from constituents in their own districts will be a deciding factor. And at some point, they will decide it is in their own interests to support this.’

Surprisingly, no sitting president has even been House impeached and Senate convicted. President Nixon came close in 1974, but he resigned before a vote was taken in the House. President Bill Clinton was impeached on perjury charges and obstruction in 1999, but the Senate did not successfully vote against him.

Now Donald Trump has jumped to the top of the impeachment list.

Featured Image: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.