JUST IN: People Take To Social Media To Mourn Loss Of Michelle Obama (TWEETS/VIDEO)


First Lady Michelle Obama climbed the steps to the Army green helicopter for the last time, then turned to wave goodbye to the people who love her. The helicopter slowly climbed into the air, pulling at people’s hearts as it left.

This is how those the Obama’s left behind are coping:

Images of Mrs. Obama have begun popping up all over the internet. Imani Gandy started collecting the tributes to Michelle Obama on her Twitter page.

In one of those posts, Joshy wrote:

‘Michelle is all of us for the next 4 years.’

Mrs. Obama understands how much we are missing our first lady. She left us a wonderful little goodbye present and a stunning photograph. She is as reassuring to her people as a mother is to a child heading off for the first day of school.

The compassion of the first family was apparent in her post and touched us as it touched every other person of good will. She led the country with her elegance and poise. Whether she was having dinner in a foreign country, standing on the White House steps, or harvesting from her garden, people were happy to have her represent them.

Michelle Obama wrote in her tweet:

‘After an extraordinary 8 years, I’ll be taking a little break. Will be back before you know it on the issues we care about .’

Steve Marmel expressed his feelings about the new administration by identifying with Obama:

‘You and 65 million others.’

Lily Workneh also identified with the first lady and wrote this:

‘Michelle is all of us.’

Dollar reminded us not only of Mrs. Obama’s class and grace, but also her wonderful sense of humor:

‘They’re lucky she even gelled it down, but class and grace!

‘”I’m so happy to be here” vs. “I only came for the free mimosas.”‘


Badlee noticed the expression on the First Lady’s face and expressed her own feelings with a long string of crying emojis:

‘Look at Michelle[‘s] face.’

Michelle Obama was born in Chicago to a working class family. She went to two Ivy League universities, then became an attorney in Illinois, where she met her husband. She is a strong woman and a magnificent role model.

Check out this video of the first family we have loved for eight years leaving the capitol and leaving a hole in our hearts as they go:

Michelle Obama, we miss you.

Featured Image: Imani Gandy’s Twitter Page.