JUST IN: Protests Erupt At Trump Inauguration – Reports Of Major Damages (IMAGES)


This 2016 presidential election produced some of the most prolific and passionate protests in recent history. Thousands took to the streets in anti-Trump protests yesterday until late into the evening and Inauguration day, they are not sleeping in or backing down.

Security checkpoints which were organized to screen Inauguration attendees prior to their entrance have been effectively blocked by DisruptJ20 protestors. Large and resolved crowds gathered at these checkpoints in an amazing display of solidarity and activism, turning away Trump supporters who sought entry.

Checkpoints which seem to be blocked based on twitter reports include those near National Mall and at John Marshall Park near the U.S. Capitol Building where Trump will be sworn in.

Some sources suggest that ten checkpoints have been taken over, and DisruptJ20 indicates that each blocked checkpoint is focused on a particular group of activists, or their reason for protesting.

DisruptJ20 paid tribute Friday on Twitter to some of the organizations that were present and contributing including Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, Climate Justice Bloc, and the Future is Feminist, to name only a few:

See below for some of the footage and updates from our fellow Americans via Twitter:

‘#disruptJ20 protesters have created another human chain at John Marshall Park #inauguration checkpoint, it’s still shut down’

‘Indigenous rights, labor, animal rights, racial justice, antiwar groups here to link arms with #BlackLivesMAtter. Together we are strong.’

‘When a bigot like Trump attacks the most vulnerable in our society, we stand together and resist. We will give no ground to hate’

‘If people try and enter John Marshall Park #Inauguration checkpoint, this is what they’ll see #disruptJ20’

‘This is the scene right now at the shut down John Marshall Park #Inauguration checkpoint #disruptJ20 #blm’

‘NOW: Hundreds of #climate protestors have shut down ANOTHER inauguration entry. A racist climate-denying regime SHALL NOT PASS #disruptJ20’

‘#Trump supporters trying to attend the #Inauguration told “this checkpoint is closed” by #DisruptJ20 protesters at #BlackLivesMatter blockade’

‘#DisruptJ20 #SURJ #BLM’

‘Closed checkpoint. #resist #TheResistance @DisruptJ200 @RefuseFascism’

‘THE SEAS ARE RISING. BUT SO ARE WE. No climate action, no #inauguration.’

‘There are so many protestors that police have given up removing them from at least two #inauguration checkpoints.’

‘Trump supporters have given up trying to get through this #Inauguration checkpoint. #sorrynotsorry’

Others are trying to keep things light on this dark day:

‘Spontaneous dance party!!!’

Secret Service remains adamant that all security checkpoints remain open and offer no warning to incoming attendees about protesters or even the potential for blockades, which DisruptJ20 calls out:

‘Your government lies to you’

Feature Image via Twitter/@DisruptJ20.