JUST IN: You Will Never Believe Where Trump’s Inauguration Hats Were Made (DETAILS)


It’s not uncommon to see the inauguration of a president used as an attempt to sell merchandise. What isn’t common, however, is having a president such as President Donald Trump who is so obviously hypocritical and generally clueless that his inauguration merchandise was made in China.

Rep. Cheri Bustos tweeted out a picture of her GOP colleagues inauguration hat. In the picture you can obviously see the tag says, “Made In China.” She tweeted:

‘GOP colleague let me see his Trump hat. It was made in China. Awkward given Trump’s #BuyAmerican pledge. All talk no action? #Inauguration’

The problem is Pres. Trump ran his campaign on the promise of making America great again. Part of that promise was bringing jobs back from overseas and issuing tariffs on companies who imported their products to the U.S. He even mentioned it in his inauguration speech and then in the repeat of his speech on Twitter.

‘We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth – and we will bring back our dreams!’

‘We will follow two simple rules: BUY AMERICAN & HIRE AMERICAN! #InaugurationDay #MAGA’

Twitter users responded accordingly to Rep. Bustos tweet.

‘@RepCheri He’s won’t honor his #BuyAmerican pledge. He doesn’t have the attention span for important details like that.’

‘@RepCheri @elizabeth28536 When is he going to follow his own rules’

‘@Core_Deezy he always had the ability to not manufacture his own goods in China. Being POTUS had nothing to do with that. He’s a con.’

Though some Twitter users have mentioned the hats are not official inauguration day merchandise, President Trump has not disavowed the merchants who did exactly what he’s promised to fight against. Furthermore, in the past, much of his merchandise has been made in other countries.

Featured image via Getty Images / Drew Angerer.