LGBTQ Activists Throw ‘Queer Dance Party’ For Ultra-Conservative VP-Elect Mike Pence (VIDEO)


Vice president-elect Mike Pence probably felt as if he had fallen into the ninth circle of hell when he looked out the window of his house. LGBTQ activists decided to throw Pence a Queer Dance Party right down the block from his home. His neighbors loved what happened next.

When the near-vice president was governor of Indiana, he signed into effect a law that let businesses refuse to wait upon lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender customers. Pence started out as a Catholic, but then he became a born-again Christian. Like many converts, he is zealous about his new religion and its hatred of some minority groups.

Pence’s legislation lit a national explosion and threats of boycotts that will continue until ultra-conservatives’ reverse that sort of discriminatory legislation.

Firas Nasr, 23, is a protest organizer from Virginia. He had this to say about the event, according to the Washington Post.

‘Dance is so integral to the queer community as a form of self-expression and a form of asserting our power and our beauty and our love for one another. The idea is to leave a mark that Mike Pence will never forget.’

Pence moved into a very liberal enclave in Chevy Chase after president-elect Donald Trump won the election. His neighbors are not crazy about him, so hundreds of gay pride rainbow flags waved up and down his block in “a silent protest,” according to WaPo.

The dance protesters began their Queer Dance Party and turned the music of Beyonce, Madonna, and Whitney Houston as loud as they could. The group of 200 dancers moved near Pence’s home, dancing all the way in protest of the former governor’s anti-gay views. Officials blocked them from dancing directly in front of the VP’s home.

Loud music shook the ground as the party-goers shimmied and danced. Nasr told WaPo:

‘We want to send a strong message to Pence that we’re a united queer community. We’ve always stood united. There’s always space to dance.’

One of Pence’s neighbors Mary Ann Carmody, 76, lives on the block with her 80-year-old husband. She said:

‘I love this. I love the world. It’s wonderful to see people on the street like this. We’re lucky we can do this.’

Mare Zogby is married to another woman, and she grew up in the neighborhood. She commented:

‘I’m overwhelmingly proud of this neighborhood. We’re here as parents of these babies.’

Check out this video of the view down the block from Pence’s house:

Featured Image: Mashable’s Twitter page.