Melania Disrespects Soldiers Before Inauguration – Twitter Absolutely Crushes Her (TWEETS)


Many Americans have questioned Melania Trump’s suitability for the position of First Lady, given the fact that she plagiarized a 2008 speech from First Lady Michelle Obama.

On inauguration eve, Mrs. Trump proved that she not only has no respect for the Obama’s, but she also doesn’t have much respect for America’s fallen soldiers, either. The soon-to-be 45th First Lady of the United States did something so shockingly jaw-dropping that it’s cost her the respect of millions of Americans – before she’s even managed to set foot in the White House.

Melania and Donald Trump visited Arlington National Cemetery for a wreath-laying in honor of the nation’s fallen soldiers. But as Melania made her way down the steps, passing soldiers on her way, she didn’t even have the common decency to remove her oversized Gucci sunglasses to show respect for the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed their lives to serve our country.

Of course, Twitter didn’t let the third Mrs. Trump get away with it.

Here are some of the responses from outraged Americans as they watched the event unfold:

‘Future First Lady @MelaniaTrump and Future Second Lady Karen Pence attend ceremony at Arlington.’

‘Why is #Melania Trump wearing sunglasses at the wreath laying ceremony at Tomb of the Unknowns? Is that even appropriate?’

For the record, no, it’s really not.

‘@FoxNews @MelaniaTrump Apparently disrespect runs in the family…’

‘@MelaniaTrump take off the damn sunglasses! RUDE!! Hiding behind them’

‘@MelaniaTrump can’t bother to take off her sunglasses when visiting the #TombOfTheUnknowns.’

‘Sunglasses not a good look for Melania, especially not on overcast January afternoon at national cemetery.’

Some responses, however, were pretty hilarious:

‘Noticed @MelaniaTrump was wearing sunglasses on her trip to Washington. Probabl[y] doesn’t want anyone to know she’s with Donald.’

‘@FoxNews @MelaniaTrump cloudy day? Sunglasses? Hope you didn’t run into any doors.’

Clearly, the Trump family believes they’re above everyone else and have thrown any and all signs of respect out the window. This is likely just one of many disgusting displays of disrespect we’ll witness over the next four years — if we make it that far.

Feature Image via Getty Images.