More People Showed Up To Protests Than To Inauguration Festivities (DETAILS)


Donald Trump is excited about his inauguration and the subsequent related events. He tweeted that excitement several times, Thursday:

While Trump was tweeting and celebrating, people have been gathering in extremely large numbers. “No KKK, no fascist U.S.A. No Trump!” This was one of many chants coming from the mouths of protesters in New York on Thursday night. Thousands have come together in places where Trump’s name and money have long histories.

Thousands more marched to protest Trump’s inauguration, than attended a concert on his behalf in D.C.

It’s the day before inauguration and dissenters are already out in larger numbers than supporters. The headlining protest isn’t scheduled to take place until Saturday.

If this country’s government is supposed to be “for the people, the people,” then someone needs to listen. The people are speaking; they’re speaking loudly and clearly.

Featured image via Getty/Brian R. Smith/Stringer.