Rick Perry Humiliates Himself With Weird Sexual Innuendo To Sen Al Franken (VIDEO)


Former governor of Texas Rick Perry did not fail to deliver during his confirmation hearing for the Department of Energy. He, of course, made a fool of himself during his confirmation hearing Thursday after he took on Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.).

Apparently, Franken and Perry had previously visited with one another in Franken’s office. Apparently, the visit made an impression on Perry. When it was Franken’s turn to grill Perry, he asked the daft Perry if he enjoyed their visit. Perry, in true Perry fashion, he spit out this doozy of a response:

‘I hope you are as much fun on the dais as you were on your couch.’

Franken started to continue on with his interrogation until he stopped as if what Perry had said really struck him. The room erupted in laughter. Goofy Perry, of course, tried to fix the gaffe. He asked, “May I rephrase that?”

Franken was gracious enough and responded, “Please, please. Oh, my Lord. Oh, my Lord.” Perry was beyond tickled by it and was doubled over briefly before he shot back:

‘Well, I think we found our Saturday Night Live soundbite.’

In the ’70s and ’80s, Franken was a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live.┬áHe spent decades as a comedian before he jumped into the political word. He’s served as the Senator of Minnesota since 2009.

After the laughter, they did get down to business with Franken saying, “Let’s move on.” He went on to grill Perry about climate change and his skepticism of it. Perry, who once forgot the name of the department he’s been selected to head, looked clueless the rest of the time.

Franken asked Perry about a quote in his book where he said the world was experiencing a cooling change and his skepticism of the science behind climate change. Perry answered he was not claiming to be a climate scientist. Franken responded on point:

‘I don’t think you’re ever going to be a climate scientist, but you’re going to be the head of Department of Energy.’

You can watch the exchange below.

Featured image via Getty Images / Aaron P. Bernstein.