Rudy Giuliani Just Told An Inaugural 9/11 Sex Joke And It’s Absolutely Disgusting (AUDIO)


With the festivities of the inauguration going on, some of the Grabber-In-Chief’s major surrogates have let loose to show their true colors — and they aren’t pretty.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City who will never let you forget he was mayor of NYC at the time of the 9/11 attacks, told a completely inappropriate joke that involved his fire commissioner and an encounter with former President George W. Bush and sex. According to The Intercept, Giuliani was attending a $350 a plate luncheon at the Four Seasons hotel to celebrate the inauguration of Trump.

Yes, 9/11 and sex. It went something like this.

‘That’s actually a true story about President Bush. The part that he left out was in the same car with me was my fire commissioner, Tom Van Essen. And Tom had lost what turned out to be 343 firefighters. And President Bush recognized him from seeing him on television the prior two days. And he leaned over to Tim, grabbed his arm, and said to him, “Tom, I’m so sorry. How are things going?” Tom looked at him and said, “Much better now. My wife came home last night, and I got lucky.”‘

Sadly, the room erupted into laughter, especially when Giuliani referred to it as “locker room talk,” which is the same way he described Trump’s “Grab ’em by the p***y” comments caught on tape.

He continued on:

‘President Bush remembered that so well that when he saw Tom three weeks later at a firehouse dinner, he came up to him and said, “Tom, are you still getting lucky?” And Tom said, “No, it’s worn out.”‘

Again, the crowd laughed, which is fairly disgusting. September 11 is a day that is burned into the memories of Americans, especially the loved ones of the lost souls in the towers’ destruction. For the former mayor of New York City who has used 9/11 as his main talking point for anything and everything to tell a joke like this, is pretty disgusting. What’s even more shocking, however, is the fact that a room full of people actually laughed at something so revolting.

You can listen to Giuliani’s idea of a joke below, via SoundCloud:

Featured image via Getty Images / Drew Angerer.