Scandalous Info From 2016 Election Has Just Been Revealed Hours Before Inauguration


Greg Palast is an investigative reporter known for undercover investigations of corporate fraud using skills he has learned over two decades. He is the author of a New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. He works side by side with The Guardian, BBC, and Rolling Stone.

His stories are told with cartoon animations, hidden cameras, and top-secret documents. Palast’s team is made up of multiple expert investigators, licensed detectives, combat-trained cinematographers and researchers from various areas of the world. Occasionally he gets help from a few celebrities – Ice-T, Richard Belzer, Shailene Woodley, Rosario Dawson, Willie Nelson and Ed Asner.

Various people have commented on how amazing his work is and how they appreciate him. There are a few examples of statements made below.
Michael Moore called Palast’s work:

‘courageous reporting’

John Pilger also mentioned his work:

‘The information is a hand grenade.’

A comment by Robert F Kennedy Jr. that was published in Rolling Stone:

‘Greg Palast is one of my heroes. The last investigative reporter in America.’

In 2000, Palast revealed Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris’ secret exclusion of thousands of African-American votes in Florida to ensure George W. Bush won the election. It was also the Palast team who revealed the most recent vote-heist, “Interstate Crosscheck,” which was the fool-proof way for the GOP to get a victory in the 2016 election.

During the 2016 election Donald Trump said:

‘This election is rigged!’

He was right and he knew it — because it was his comrades that rigged it.

Palast tried and tried for 5 months to get his hands on copies of the list that contained names of potential “suspects.” He spoke to multiple individuals, some of which have never had a run in with law enforcement.

The Interstate Crosscheck is run by Kris Kobach, a Kansas Secretary of State who declares his very own computer program identified 7.2 million people out of 29 states may have voted twice.

So what is the catch to this?

The majority of the perpetrators are minorities – made up mostly of Democratic voters who just happen to share the same name. However, all of the evidence and lists are still classified. When confronted by Palast, Kobach denies the list is classified even though his office stated it was not subject for disclosure.

In Palast’s live feed he shows and discusses clips from his movie, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. He describes how he went state to state attempting to track down evidence and to interview individuals affected by the corruption that had occurred. He confronted a few people who were unwilling to share information with him because they knew it was fraudulent. Palast points out that Trump was unable to win the vote of African-Americans, so he decided to reduce it. Reducing the ability of African-Americans on the crosscheck list eliminates one million voters nationwide.

Michigan was won by 10,000 votes but there were 75,000 votes never counted. Conveniently, the uncounted votes were from Flint and Detroit, highly populated African-American cities. They weren’t counted because there were 87 machines broken and Republican officials refused to replace them.

The votes could have been recounted by hand but Donald Trump’s lawyers stopped the recount from happening. Exit polls, which measure election honesty, showed Trump lost. How can the exit polls be different than the official count in the GOP states? That is what Palast has set out to prove and bring attention to.

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Posted by Greg Palast on Thursday, January 19, 2017

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