Senator Cory Booker Just Made A Heartbreakingly Emotional Plea To Americans (IMAGE)


On Friday morning, just hours before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), shared a message on Facebook encouraging the American people to band together over the next four years.

Booker begins his post by telling Americans that “this is not a time to curl up, give up or shut up.”

‘It is time to get up; to stand up, to speak words that heal, help, and recommit to the cause of our country.
We had an election defeat, but we are not defeated.’

The Senator did not deny in his post that the next four years will be difficult for a large percentage of the country. Instead, he reminded his followers that overcoming adversity makes us stronger.

‘We hurt, we fear, we may even regret that we did not do more. But character is not defined, forged or built in good times. The fire of adversity forges our steel. And the searing heat of defeat reveals what we are made of.’

‘We tell our truth not in what happens to us but in how we react – how we face a setback; how we rise when knocked down; how we work through fatigue and frustration; how we bring grit to our grief and heart to our hurt. The will of a patriot is indomitable.’

Booker, who will not be joining the many congressional Democrats who have chosen to boycott the inauguration, encouraged Americans to “stand up today” and “pledge allegiance to our nation with renewed conviction and courage.” He continued:

‘Let us be determined to reach out to our fellow countrywomen and men.
Let us encourage others.
Let us be gracious.
Let us seek to build bridges where they have been burned.
Let us seek to restore trust where it has been eroded.
Let us stand our ground but still work to find common ground.
Let us be humble and do the difficult work of finding ways to collaborate and cooperate with those whose political affiliations may differ from ours.’

Although Booker dedicated the bulk of his post to encouraging Americans to come together and find common ground, he also reminded his followers that they should never give in to hate or prejudice.

‘Never surrender, forfeit, or retreat from our core values, our fundamental commitments to justice over prejudice; economic inclusion over poverty and unmerited privilege; and, always, love over hate.’

The post ends with Booker imploring his followers one last time to remain patriotic, no matter who is occupying the White House.

‘It is a new day.
We love our country; we will serve it, defend it, and never stop struggling to make its great promise real for all.
And no one gets a vote on that.’

Read Senator Booker’s full message below.

Featured image via Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM.