Watch As Protesters Violently Clash With Police Outside Of Inaugural Concert (VIDEO)

 It’s been reported that members of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department clashed with anti-Donald Trump protesters outside of the National Press Club building.

A local reporter for NBC news said that the protesters set off smoke alarms which contributed to the confusion and chaos of the night’s events. Hugh Carew, a spokesman for the MPD, said he could not confirm whether or not tear gas was used during the confrontation. However, there have been numerous reports on social media of tear gas being used.

Protestor affected by tear gas

‘Police push my head into heavy camera, protesters throw bike, explosives, signs and water balloons. Then I got hit by pepper spray grenade’

‘Police use pepper spray after empty bottles thrown at #DeploraBall attendees. More pepper spray in my eyes’

 The protests occurred outside the National Press Club where an inaugural celebration was being held. The catalyst for the events are currently unconfirmed, but local outlets are reporting that the police began using tear gas after protesters threw water bottles at people as they left the Press Club. The event was allegedly attended by many supporters of the alt-right movement.