Malia Obama Makes ‘Gap Year’ Job Announcement, Conservatives Are Outraged (VIDEO)


Malia Obama is not going to spend her gap year sleeping until noon, lounging around in D.C. with her friends, and drinking lattes. No, the eldest daughter of the president and Michelle Obama begins an amazing adventure in February.

Malia graduated from Sidwell Friends, a private school in Washington, D.C. last May and plans to go to Harvard University in the fall. Both of her parents graduated from Harvard Law School with their attorney diplomas in hand. It came as a surprise that the young woman decided to take a gap year, until her new plans surfaced in the Hollywood Review.

As it turns out, the eldest Obama daughter has an amazing opportunity to intern with iconic Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. After the first family packed up and left the White House behind, they jetted out to Palm Springs for a well-deserved vacation. Given the fact that her dad has basically been on call 24/7 for the past eight years, that did not leave loads of time to spend with him. But but like many teenagers, Malia goes off to work the moment they return.

Malia has long been interested in film. Her parents’ first date even ended up in an intriguing indie film Southside With You. Although the Obama’s eldest daughter is only 18-years-old, she has already interned with two famous actresses, Lena Dunham’s HBO comedy Girls and Halle Berry’s CBS series Extant. That is pretty impressive.

The whole Obama family works hard. Younger daughter Sasha had to miss her father’s farewell speech, because she was studying for a chemistry test the next day. Last November, Malia maintained her low profile and took a secret trip to South America. She lived with a local Bolivian family and spent a month and a half as a wanderer in this exciting country.

Working as an intern for the Weinstein Co. will certainly be glamorous. Of course, her responsibilities are far less so. Interns are the go-to for coffee.

How did Malia snag such a great internship? Weinstein may be a major Obama donor, and it probably did not hurt that Malia’s mother ended the 2013 Oscars by gifting him with the Best Picture Award from the White House. Regardless, Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter will have earn her own chops.

Best of luck, Malia.

Featured Image: Getty Images.