Man Shot During Protest Of Alt-Right Breitbart Reporter (DETAILS)


As most are aware, President Trump’s election “victory” has catalyst the alt-right movement into plain view. He’s managed to stack his Cabinet with some of the most virulent human beings on the planet, providing some of the most dangerous people in America with a platform to cause serious harm.

Unsurprisingly, of course, the hate-filled rhetoric of the alt-right is easily transferred into physical violence, and sadly, it seems as though that’s already managed to happen under the new administration.

On Friday night, mere hours after President Trump was sworn in as commander-in-chief, a 32-year-old man was reportedly shot in Seattle outside the University of Washington.

Protestors began to gather outside one of the university’s buildings as Breitbart reporter and alt-right demagog Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to give a speech inside.

According to KOMO News, protestors who came to voice their opposition to President Trump and alt-right leaders such as Yiannopoulos, turned violent. Paint balloons and bricks were thrown at police officers before events escalated and someone was shot. The victim was reportedly trying to keep the peace as protests began to escalate.

The man was shot behind Kane Hall before being rushed to Harborview Medical Center. Police say he was in critical condition before receiving surgery late last night.

A person of interest turned himself into the police following the shooting, however UW Police Chief John Vinson says they have yet to identify a motive for the shooting.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray told reporters the city won’t tolerate this type of violence.

‘Seattle has a long, proud tradition of speaking up and speaking out, but we will not tolerate violence of any kind, against any person. Thousands of Seattleites, including myself, will speak up and march peacefully throughout this weekend.’

Ana Mari Cauce, University of Washington President also issued an official statement on behalf of the university, saying:

‘I am absolutely heartbroken that someone was shot on our campus during tonight’s protest. I have been very proud of our students who, to the best of my knowledge, acted with restraint, whether they were planning to attend the event or protest it peacefully. It is an outrage that anyone would resort to violence in the middle of this otherwise peaceful protest.’

Feature Image is a screengrab via Twitter.