“President” Trump Has Saturday Afternoon Inauguration Crowd Size Freak Out (DETAILS)


Newly inaugurated president Donald Trump has taken to attacking the media in one of his first public addresses as president, falsely claiming that coverage of the crowd size at his inauguration was incorrect.

Trump’s incorrect claim comes as the Women’s March on Washington crowd size dwarfs that of his inauguration crowd size, a crowd that was already dwarfed by the crowds that attended both of now former President Obama’s inaugurations.

He made his claim while addressing the CIA and making some sort of show at making amends for his virulent rhetoric against the nation’s intelligence agencies that has come in recent weeks.

It’s clear that this incident with the president’s latest dig against the media isn’t actually representative of Trump believing that his crowd size was reported on wrongfully by the media. Rather, Trump is simply continuing on with his campaign to delegitimize the nation’s media and, in the process, create his own alternative reality.

Him, or at least his team, seems to be well aware of the fact that the crowd size at Trump’s swearing in ceremony was, in fact, notably smaller than might be expected, no matter what Trump says in his public statements.

The National Parks Service, for example, retweeted at one point on their official Twitter page a side by side set of photos comparing the crowd sizes at Trump’s inauguration to Obama’s inauguration, and highlighting the huge gap in crowd size.

And guess what happened next?

The Trump administration ordered the National Parks Service to immediately stop using Twitter until further notice, a notice which has since been given, but not before a major government agency was banned from Twitter for the better part of a day.

Trump has¬†carried on with this goal ever since the campaign season, when he took to singling out the media so virulently that in many instances found his supporters making physical threats against reporters. Of course, no matter how hard Trump works to distort reality, he simply can’t erase the facts. He can’t erase the fact that his inauguration crowd size was noticeably small in size, just like he can’t erase the fact that no, Muslims do not pose any sort of national security risk.

The problem, however, is that his supporters don’t know this; his supporters believe him.

Featured Image via Kevin Dietsch РPool/ Getty Images.