Did President Trump Really Just Blow FBI Director Comey A Kiss On Camera? (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump greeted the Director of the FBI James Comey and a group of law enforcement troops and first responders at a White House ceremony on Sunday evening. Trump not only blew Comey a kiss from afar but he also caressed his cheek in what appeared to be a kiss. We all knew they were close but I don’t think anyone saw the kiss coming.

In a video from the White House, Trump said, “Oh, here’s Jim,” just before puckering his lips that many viewers claimed looked like our new president blowing Comey a kiss. It did not go unnoticed, multiple people took to Twitter with their reactions to the cheek nuzzling.

The Palmer Report tweeted:

‘WTF? Donald Trump blows kiss to James Comey and then appears to kiss him on the cheek.’

WTF is more than likely the response of millions of viewers. Apparently Trump gets handsy and likes to cross boundaries with more than just women.

As Comey made his way across the room so that he and Trump would be closer, Trump said, “He’s become more famous than me,” which was followed by the FBI Director receiving a hug and a slight smooch on the cheek. Comey’s huge smile made it seem that he was very welcoming of the kiss that was blown to him.

It’s likely that Comey is known because he is the Director of the FBI who — coincidentally — ruined his own reputation during the process of attempting to ruin Hillary Clinton’s.

Some attribute Comey’s choice to blow up the re-opening of the investigation of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State for her loss in November 2016. Comey is almost as phony as Donald Trump himself.

Another user responded to the Palmer Report by tweeting:

‘well Comey did help him get the election so I’m surprised he didn’t French kiss him?’

ABC News tweeted the video of Trump blowing a kiss to Comey from across the room, which can be seen below:

CNN caught the cheek nuzzling on video. See it for yourself below:

Featured Image screengrab via Video.