Donald Trump Just Made A Drastic Change To The Oval Office – And It’s Typical (IMAGE)


If there’s one thing that’s well understood about Donald Trump, it’s his love of things gaudy and gold.

Being that he’s a real estate developer, the world gets to see what kind of tastes Trump has fairly regularly. His own home has also been well documented, appearing as a backdrop for various photographs of him and his family, as well as the site of political conversations and developments.

“All gold everything” is certainly one way to describe the Donald’s style. His $100 million penthouse in Trump Tower in New York drips with ornate gold and marble everywhere you look. He had the place designed in Louis XIV style, which essentially means it echoes the Palace of Versailles (Chateau de Versailles) in France. The molding in Trump’s penthouse, along with various accessories are 24 carat gold. Even if a person had never seen a photo of the inside of any of Trump’s properties however, it would be reasonable to assume that the man likes gold based on the high value he places on his wealth and how much he enjoys flaunting it.

Now that he’s resigned to the fact that he’s going to have to spend a fair amount of time away from his luxury hideaway, he’s taken to changing some things.

True to what we’d expect, Trump has waltzed into the White House like he owns the place and has made some fairly significant changes. He reportedly removed the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office, brought back the bust of Winston Churchill, obtained a Bush-era rug and brought in new couches. On top of that, of all the things he could chose to change (or not change and save taxpayers money), he swapped out the curtains.

The curtains in the Oval Office went from red to a gaudy gold almost immediately after Trump took his oath, as photos from the signing of the executive orders indicate.

While the Obamas certainly made decorative changes when they moved in, they paid out of pocket. Congress does offer $100,000 maximum per term for such changes, but there is no obligation to use it. It seems unlikely that Donald Trump will have any problem using the taxpayer’s money for ostentatious changes to trivial items, like curtains.

It seems Melania and Ivanka Trump are also making changes to the White House. It was previously reported that the two are creating a giant wardrobe, makeup, whatever-else-to-fulfill-their-vanity room.

See the photos below of the curtains that all Americans have paid for:

GettyImages-632244200-1024x663 Donald Trump Just Made A Drastic Change To The Oval Office - And It's Typical (IMAGE) Donald Trump Politics Top Stories
Image via Getty Images/Pool

This is particularly irksome given that Donald Trump didn’t even contribute to them, because he doesn’t pay taxes.

Feature Image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt.