WATCH: SNL’s New Kellyanne Conway Spoof Last Night Completely Killed It (VIDEO)


Art imitates life; the cast of Saturday Night Live has been doing just that since 1975. Saturday’s episode was no different.

In the skit, Kellyanne Conway (played by Kate McKinnon), Donald Trump’s counselor (a made-up job position), goes from absolutely avoiding Jake Tapper’s (played by Beck Bennett) questions to breaking out in song and dance similar to that of the play, ChicagoIn the parody, Conway’s answers are flippant, dismissive, and she appears to be using what she perceives as her charm to get away with avoiding the questions.

The spoof depicts Conway as being more concerned with her own fame and status than truly supporting the people of the United States. Many would likely agree that SNL nails their imitation of Conway.

Kellyanne seems to share Trump’s affinity for narcissistic behavior, over the professionalism needed to unify, heal, and truly lead this country, SNL imitates that too. While shimmying, smiling and performing in front of mirrors, Kellyanne character sings:

‘The lady raking in the chips is gonna be, Conway. I’m gonna be a celebrity. Who says that lying’s not an art? And when they Google just a K, my name will come up before Kanye {West}.’

Millions of women marched around the world on Saturday to protest Donald Trump. However, the reality is that 53% of white women voters voted for Trump. Numbers don’t lie and as Fortune Magazine put it:

‘The fact that 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump shows that some white women are more aligned with ideas of power and privilege than gender solidarity and racial inclusion.’

Every time Kellyanne goes on the record to defend Trump, it’s a slap in the face to millions of women worldwide who are fighting against Trump’s objectification of women, and outright disrespect and lack of regard for their rights.

Another powerful takeaway from the SNL spoof:  If you really want to fight Donald Trump and people like him, talk to the Kellyannes in your life. These females supported the election of an admitted perpetrator of sexual assault, to the highest position in the United States of America.

Donald Trump admitted to entering election 2016 as a joke, but he won. The idea that running this country is matter of humor and personal gain for Trump and his staff is a notion SNL also captures. Alluding to Trump failing miserably, Kellyanne’s character sings:

‘And if it all goes up in flames / At least the world will know my name.’

You be the judge of how well SNL copied Kellyanne. The real interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper is here:

The Kellyanne Saturday Night Live spoof is found here:

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