Pro-Trump Sheriff Acts A Fool On Twitter – Makes Ridiculously Untrue Accusations


If you shake your head at David Clarke you’ll be detained because for Clarke, it’s important to “pre-empt a possible assault.” Yes, shaking your head at someone is surely the sign that you’re about to flog him. In that same delusional spirit, show up to peacefully march against Donald Trump, and you’re rioting. The Women’s March according to Davide Clarke:

One of many problems with Clarke’s tweet is that riots usually come with arrests, but NBC News states:

‘D.C. police said they had no reports of arrests as of 6 p.m. on Saturday. marchers reported that police were civil and participants were kind to one another, often looking after each other in the dense crowd. People were elbow-to-elbow and some said they couldn’t move for hours.’

People were “elbow to elbow,” but there was not a single arrest? Clarke’s skewed view of reality didn’t stop with the tweet above. He also had this to say:

It seems Sheriff Clarke isn’t being honest with himself, or those who may look to him to help bridge the divide between brown people in America and the Trump administration. Instead, Clarke is choosing to take the low-road and feed-in to false sensationalists claims that the Women’s March was anything more than people (of all genders and ethnicities) exercising their right to peacefully assemble.

Resorting to immature name-calling that some may say shows that his oath to protect and serve comes with a great deal of negative bias, Clarke likened protesters to a circus show staff:

Clarke didn’t leave well enough alone. He even retweeted a post that compared protesters to Isis and said exercising their Constitutional right to march, was criminal:

More scary than Clarke’s gross falsification of facts is that he was on Trump’s short list to lead the Department of Homeland Security. Not that Trump’s eventual pick of John Kelly should offer comfort, but Clarke’s controversial history of unexplained deaths at the Milwaukee jail he oversees, along with his history of allegedly using bully tactics to perform his job duties, beg the question: Exactly what’s your motive for lying about the Women’s March, Sheriff Clarke?

Sheriff Clarke is in a unique position to unify people across cultures, and be part of healing the wounds between law enforcement and many citizens. Instead, he is using his position and place on Trump’s team to further alienate. Whether trying to make a name for himself in the Republican party or win further favor from Donald Trump, it’s important that Clarke understand that his blatant lies hurt, not help this already tense political and social climate.

Read Clarke’s tweets about the Women’s March and more, here.

Featured image via Getty/Spencer Platt/Staff