Senator Proves The GOP Is Still Anti-Woman In One Disgusting Facebook Post (IMAGE)


Right-wing representatives and talking heads complain that the GOP is unfairly painted by the left as the anti-women party, pointing to Sarah Palin’s and Carly Fiorina’s rise to prominence within the Republican party as proof of their pro-woman stance.

Yet, the GOP continues to be represented by some of the most anti-woman politicians there are. Even worse for the Grand Old Party’s image, those anti-woman politicians representing them proudly tweet or post their sexist views all over social media for voters to see.

On Sunday, State Senator Chris McDaniel (R-MS) posted his thoughts on Saturday’s Women’s March, an event which drew more than three million participants across the country and around the world.

According to Senator McDaniel, any woman who doesn’t shut up and accept her place is just “unhappy.” Discounting women’s voices by painting them as “hysterical” has centuries of history behind it, but his words raise a larger question.

As someone representing an entire district, does he believe there are no liberal women in his district? Is it not his job to listen to all of the concerns his constituents have?

While McDaniel also pretends to understand (and discredit) the “message” of the Women’s March, but he missed it. Yes, birth control access was one of the many issues that women marched to protect, but the larger “message” was much deeper than just that one issue.

As for his worse and most clueless claim, no one is asking McDaniel or anyone else to “pay for” birth control. Women insist that the medical insurance that women pay for through premiums and tax payments to cover the medical treatment they need not be limited to accommodate others’ religious and political beliefs.

There were women at the march fighting for protections for all women. Not just birth control protections, but healthcare protections that cover all the needs of women and their children, as well as protections on funding for domestic violence shelters and transitional housing access, protections for survivors of rape and sexual assault, protections for women of color and immigrants, and protections for women in poverty.

That’s the larger message that McDaniels and the rest of the GOP keeps missing. We don’t stand alone. We stand together, and we are legion. The march was about standing in solidarity with all women, not just hysterically fighting for those issues that only benefit us as individuals.

If we wanted to do that, we’d join the GOP.

To see more about what the Women’s March was really all about, see video below:

Featured image via Getty/Victoria Jones – PA Images