Donald Trump Just Completely Embarrassed Himself With This Photo He Tweeted (IMAGE)


On Tuesday, tweeting from his personal Twitter account, President Donald Trump shared a portrait of the crowd that was present at his inauguration. He shared the picture and included a message thanking the photographer, Abbas Shirmohammadi.

‘A photo delivered yesterday that will be displayed in the upper/lower press hall. Thank you Abbas!’

At first glance, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about this tweet, although many of Trump’s Twitter followers did comment with another, less flattering picture from the inauguration.

Upon closer inspection, though, followers found a minor — albeit embarrassing — error on the portrait. The caption for the portrait reads:

‘Swearing-in Ceremony of President Donald J. Trump – January 21st, 2017 – United States Capitol – Washington, D.C.’

Always astute, many Twitter users quickly pointed out the error, including NBC editor and writer Bradd Jaffy. Jaffy tweeted about the mistake and reminded Trump that January 21 was actually the date of the Women’s March on Washington, which was organized to protest his presidency.

January 20, the actual inauguration date, has been burned into the American people’s brains for months now. It’s hard to understand how nobody caught this mistake before framing the portraying and putting it on display for the world to see.

Regardless, this is not the first time — nor will it likely be the last — that Trump has embarrassed himself by tweeting before doing a bit of simple fact-checking. In June of last year, for example, Trump was raked over the coals for his pro-Brexit tweets. One specific tweet made him look particularly foolish, as he suggested that the majority of Scotland’s citizens voted to leave the E.U. when the exact opposite was actually true.

Trump tweeted on June 24:

‘Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back. No games!’

Twitter users quickly responded to Trump’s mistake, and, while very funny, they were not exactly kind.

Once again, Trump has made it almost too easy to mock him, this time by forgetting the date of his own inauguration. Today’s mistake, much like the Brexit tweeting, is not likely to have any real impact on Trump’s credibility. However, it still has people wondering how many more easily avoidable errors we’re going to see from him over the next four years.

Featured image via Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images.