Kellyanne Conway Completely Freaks Out On Fox News Over Alleged Death Threats (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway seemed frazzled, and for good reason, in an interview with Fox News on Sunday night.

Conway alleges that she has been receiving death threats, including having “white stuff” sent to her home, and that she has been assigned Secret Service protection as a result. The new White House counselor blames Zeke Miller of the Times for tweeting that, while he attended Trump’s signing of executive orders, he could not find the bust of MLK that sat in the Oval Office.

Miller apologized in short order and corrected his mistake once he was told that the bust had not been removed, but Conway, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, and Donald Trump have spent two days attacking the media over the mistake. Now, Conway blames that mistake for the death threats she’s allegedly receiving.

It’s hard to know with Conway whether or not she’s telling the truth about the threats considering her views on “alternative facts.” If it is assumed that she’s telling the truth, and further that the Times reporter maliciously sent the mistaken tweet with no regard for its consequences, that is a horrible thing. No one should have to fear for their safety or the safety of their children because of malicious and capricious lies.

That’s also exactly what Donald Trump did on the campaign trail while Kellyanne Conway defended and supported him.

How is what Conway is alleging that a Times reporter did different from Donald Trump telling the entire country that Mexican immigrants are rapists?

How is what she believes was maliciously done to her different than Donald Trump retweeting wildly false data that paints people of color as dangerous and violent criminals?

How is what Miller is accused of different from Donald Trump bragging about the sexual assault of women and dismissing it as “locker room talk?”

The truth is, Donald Trump maliciously and without regard for anyone’s safety spread false and/or dangerous information to the entire country about particular groups of people who were already vulnerable to racist and sexist attacks.

Unfortunately for those people that Trump targeted, there is no Secret Service protection. There are no bodyguards. They didn’t just get threatened as a result of Trump’s words, many of them were actually hurt.

It’s terrible that Kellyanne Conway now has to fear for her safety. No one should experience that. However, instead of endlessly calling for an apology from the Times reporter (an apology that’s already been written), perhaps Conway should be pressing her own boss for an apology for his own blatant lies and spreading of false information that inspired even worse acts against people with little means to protect themselves from the violence it inspired.

He still has not apologized.

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