Powerful Newspaper Announces Plan To Destroy Trump’s Presidency, It Is Perfect


It is said that the ideal newspapers are impartial. They share reality, avoid “alternative facts,” and use only the op-ed pages to convey their perspectives. This will soon change. With President Donald Trump being the menace he is and currently in office, the entire world is at risk for corruption.

The Guardian, one of Great Britain’s legitimate newspapers, is taking a stand and planning to defeat Trump. It is well-known for having combined with 400 other news-based organizations in exposing the news of leaked Panama Papers which in turn revealed the financial business affairs of politicians and capitalists and their foreign assets.

The Guardian disclosed that they publicized the Panama Papers and declared they are now anticipating doing the same to Trump. They are pleading for as much assistance from contributing media outlets as possible:

‘The Panama Papers has shown that a formerly unthinkable project of collaboration can work. When we shared the data of the papers with a team of 400 reporters worldwide, we brought together a vast number of investigative reporters who typically compete which each other. The main reason why our newspaper, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, shared the story with competitors was simply that it was too big and too important to do alone. Now, once again, we are faced with a story that is too big and too important to handle on our own: Donald Trump’s impact on the democracy of the United States of America.’

Following that, The Guardian offered tips to dispute the “alternative facts” being extended to press. All journalists need to concur and get on the same page. If a question is shunned the next reporter needs to continue digging and repeat the question until it has been acknowledged. The Guardian is attempting to persuade opposing media outlets to unite and, like with the Panama Papers, share leads. They have accomplished it previously and are striving to do so again:

‘The next level of solidarity and cooperation is even more challenging. Let us assume a source approaches a reporter of the Washington Post with important information which is hard for them to corroborate. Why not reach out to a colleague who already did work on this topic, even if at a rival publication – the New York Times, CNN, ProPublica, Fox News or where ever – for help? They might have the missing piece of the puzzle, they might have the vital second source and they might have what it takes to publish the story. So why not collaborate?’

President Trump’s financial interests are more tangled and scattered those any of the former presidents and that is going to take a dedicated, hard-working team to get to the bottom of. That’s why The Guardian requests all media sources collaborate and work for the same outcome:

‘Trump is now the president of the United States. He is the government. It has always been the noblest job of a journalist to check the power of government, the center of power. This seems even more important as the president acts like one of the oligarchs that journalists like the two of us, who work on international corruption, investigate again and again. He threatened his Democratic opponent with jail, he is making promises no one can fulfill, he is mixing family and government, he is mixing business and government, he is obstructing control and he is fighting the freedom of press. This government has decided to go down a new and hostile path. Now, it is time for us to change path, too. That’s not only just fair – it is absolutely necessary.’

The Guardian is taking the initiative. Where are the other sources that are on board? The Washington Post exposed the Nixon Administration years ago. With the assistance of their aggregation, they can have identical outcomes with the Trump Administration. Now is the time to start searching and collecting the data. If we all band together we can uncover all of Trump’s secrets.

Featured Image via GettyImages/Julie Dermansky