This Hilarious Dutch Trump Parody Is The Most Amazing Thing You’ll See Today (VIDEO)


If we have to be a laughingstock in front of the entire world, we can at least be thankful that people in other countries have a great sense of humor.

For many in the United States, Donald Trump’s inaugural speech was dark and foreboding with its nationalist message. Of course, the message was extremely fitting since a racist nationalist named Steve Bannon co-wrote it.

In case you missed it, yes, that photo and tweet were complete lies…or “alternative facts,” as Trump and his team like to say. The speech was written by staff members Steve Bannon, former head honcho of the alt-right online news website, Breitbart, and Steve Miller, a Trump speechwriter who also happens to be close friends with the despised white nationalist, Richard Spencer.

The lies and the darkness were fairly typical of Donald Trump’s rise to the highest office in the land, but it’s something that voters in America have grown accustomed to since the first day Trump announced his bid for the presidency. People around the world seem as stunned and concerned as those of us in the U.S. They’re also getting a good laugh out of the chaos that has become the United States government thanks to Donald Trump and his crew.

In the Netherlands, there are grave concerns over Trump’s statements regarding ending NATO ties. One comedy show, Zondag met Lubach, presented those concerns in terms Trump can understand while also getting in some lighthearted and hilarious jabs at the new president.

Just in case Trump doesn’t know the history of the Netherlands, and it seems quite likely that he wouldn’t, the video that the show put together gives Trump a brief overview. In case Trump is too thick to understand the lesson, it was presented using phrases oft-repeated by Trump himself.

‘We speak Dutch. It’s the best language in Europe. We’ve got all the best words. All the other languages failed. Danish total disaster. German is not even a real language. It’s fake.’

See the hilarious parody video from the Dutch comedy show below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube