Veteran Journalist Carl Bernstein Destroys Ignorant Trump Supporter On CNN (VIDEO)


On Tuesday a CNN panel hosted by Anderson Cooper took up a definitely singularly Trump-ian topic — the fact that he’s still claiming that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton because 3 to 5 million people supposedly voted illegally.

Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein began this strange, completely false assertion, saying:

‘We are having too many bizarre moments with this new president, and you want to say to the president of the United States, grow up, Mr. President! You have been elected to be our president. You want the big numbers? Unite our people… these remarks are an MRI of his psyche and it’s not a pretty place.’

Trump supporter and longtime cable news talking head Kayleigh McEnany replied by characteristically trying to dismiss the whole thing as just something that the media had improperly hyped up.

Bernstein shut her down on that point, however, saying, “He is saying that fraud occurred on the most massive scale in an election in our history. That’s not true! It’s false!”

McEnany, no matter what Bernstein offered up, would not concede that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe that massive voter fraud took place as Trump suggests cost him the popular vote. She claimed that there is no way to prove that the voter fraud claims Trump made are either true or false — but there most certainly is. It’s a simple fact. Just look at the ballots, examine the American electoral system — three to five million people did not vote illegally in the just concluded presidential election.

Longtime CNN contributor and former Obama administration official Van Jones offered up his own thoughts on the matter after Bernstein, saying:

‘GOTV [get out the vote] is one of the most difficult things you can do. The idea that three or four million who aren’t even eligible to vote are for some reason, in a blue state, where it will make no difference, are going to go out and vote, is absurd on its face! It flies in the face of what actually happens! I don’t need a study on that!’

The shellacking of Trump’s ludicrous assertion wasn’t done, however.

Ed Rollins, former White House political adviser to President Ronald Reagan, said of Trump:

‘If he wants to reflect back on his campaign, there’s one number — 307. That’s the electoral vote. There’s two numbers he has to focus on for the rest of his administration, the 218 House members and the 51 Senate members [needed for a majority.] The.. campaign… it’s done. He’s the president of the United States.’

Indeed he is the president of the United States — and indeed he’s most certainly not acting like it.

Check out the CNN panel below:

Featured Image is a screenshot from the video.