Keith Olbermann Just Became Trump’s Worst Nightmare, Check This Out (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has been president for less than a week, and he has already signed a number of executive orders that have many Americans horrified of what is to come. Among these horrified individuals is GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann.

On Tuesday, Olbermann took on President Trump in a video for “The Resistance,” an online video series created by GQ. In the video, Olbermann calls for Trump’s immediate resignation.

“Admittedly, it’s been an interesting couple of days,” Olbermann says at the beginning of the video. “But for any patriotic American capable of adding two and two and not getting one-and-a-half million, this is enough.”

Olbermann then focuses in on the people who voted for Trump and are calling for the rest of the country to give him a chance.

‘If you voted for trump…I’m not gonna yell at you or call you names…I’m gonna compliment you on your generosity toward him and the sincerity of your belief in his promises.’

Despite complimenting those who have faith in Trump, Olbermann also explains why he cannot give the new president a chance:

‘This man is not of sound mind.’

Olbermann goes on to spell out precisely what is so frightening about Trump’s presidency:

‘Trump has proved that not only will he lie to America about anything big or small, but that, just as importantly, he will lie to himself about anything big or small…He will compel men weaker even than himself to lie on his behalf…and, worst of all, the lies will convince some people, and they will convince one person especially dangerous in particular: Donald Trump.’

‘What Trump does not believe, cannot be true…He will not believe that the outcome of any of his actions could be failure or disaster or even something that could be harmful to himself.

Olbermann also takes on what it seems will be a key component of Trump’s presidency, what White House counselor Kellyanne Conway calls “alternative facts.” After commenting once more on Trump’s battle with reality, the correspondent suggests to those viewing the video, “You try alternative facts in your life for one hour; let me know how it goes.”

Proclaiming that he would rather see President Pence than spend the next four years under the thumb of President Trump, Olbermann finishes his video by making one final plea. He first insists again that Trump resign. He then implores Republicans to remove Trump if he refuses to step down.

‘This is not about policies, or conservative, or liberal, or rigged systems, or marches, or making america great again. This is about a man not in his right mind who now has nuclear weapons. It is the greatest crisis of all of our lives, right now. But together, we can fix it peacefully. He just has to resign, or if he won’t, there are provisions for the Republicans to remove him because he is so sick. We can fix it, and then we can sleep at night again.’

Watch Olbermann’s full video below, available via Twitter.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.