NASA Tells Trump To Shove It & Creates Rogue Twitter Account (DETAILS)


A new government agency has made a rogue account, specifically to avoid President Donald Trump’s censorship. This time it’s NASA.

Much like the alt-National Park Service Twitter account, and alt-EPA account, the alt-NASA account specifies that it isn’t affiliated with any federal agencies. With that in place, the rogue account can post whatever it wants, without worry of being censored by President Trump when sharing information on things like climate change or even the president himself.

The account gained a large following in a matter of only a few hours.

Whoever is running the account explains why it was created and also shares real information, scientific research, that confirms the reality of climate change and what effect it’s having on the planet.

The account has a sense of humor and responded sarcastically to Donald Trump supporter that tried to argue that the facts tweeted by the account about climate change were “FAKE NEWS.” The mockery was also a nice touch.

All of the alt accounts were opened up to create a safe place to share science and bring awareness to things that matter, like our planet, without worry of President Trump trying to censor this information. It’s also trying to raise awareness about the Scientists’ March on Washington. As of today, no date has been set for the march.

Featured Image via Getty Images