Second National Parks Twitter Account Heroically Defies Trump Gag Order (TWEETS)


A second National Parks Service social media manager has risked their position to share important information about climate change.

On Tuesday the Golden Gate National Park Services official Twitter account shared an image that showed how, over time, temperatures have risen but between mid-19th century through 2016 the temperature has rapidly increased, causing it to be the third year in a row we’ve witnessed the hottest temperatures on record. The tweet also linked a joint report that was issued last week by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA.)

Golden Gate National Park was National Parks Service related account in one day to use Twitter after being told not to. President Donald Trump demanded the agencies stop tweeting after the verified National Parks account retweeted a side-by-side comparison of Donald Trump’s inauguration versus Barack Obama’s inauguration, where the crowd was notably larger.

Before the Golden Gate National Park tweeted on Tuesday, the Badlands National Park Service’s official twitter account shared some facts about the important issue of climate change. Each of the separate posts had many likes and retweets. Unfortunately, the tweets were since deleted, but the screenshots below show the tweets were not disparaging, but rather just scientific facts.



Through out his presidential campaign Donald Trump tried to deny the fact that he tweeted in 2012, explaining that he thought global warming was made up, a hoax simply invented by China in an attempt to ruin American economy.

The majority of Trump’s cabinet nominees are alt-right conservatives who want to destroy the agency they’re being considered to run. Most do not believe in climate change, or even science for that matter. The very select few that do accept the fact that climate change is real, just haven’t spoken up about it.

Featured Image via Getty Images.