Trump Attacks TIME Magazine Report – The Reason Will Make You Laugh (DETAILS)


Donald Trump may have done a network interview on ABC News on Wednesday night, an interview where the person asking questions pushed him on “alternate facts” and called him out on unsubstantiated voter fraud allegations, but his first cable news interview will air on Thursday night.

Of course that interview was granted to Fox News. Even better, the interviewer will be Sean Hannity. How much push back on the new president’s lies will happen in that interview?

One topic from that interview that’s already been released is the subject of a Time reporter getting a fact wrong regarding the removal of a bust of MLK from the Oval Office. According to Time:

‘On the evening of January 20, TIME White House correspondent Zeke Miller incorrectly reported that the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office. Zeke quickly issued a correction. In the hours that followed, he sent multiple emails and tweets taking responsibility for his mistake, and apologized in person, on email and on Twitter. During further conversations over the weekend, he asked a White House advisor to pass along his apology to the president as well.’

Trump, however, continues to beat the dead horse about that story, insisting that all mainstream media is biased against him, which leads them to make false statements in an attempt to make him look bad.

‘What they’re saying is I’m a racist. That’s what they’re saying. That’s a very serious charge.’

That is a serious charge, indeed. Other serious charges have been levied through falsehoods, or “alternative facts,” throughout Trump campaign and his presidency.

The person issuing those serious charges was Donald Trump. He has never apologized.

Take for instance the time Donald Trump told the entire country that Mexican immigrants were rapists.

Rape is a serious charge.

How about the time Donald Trump retweeted false statistics on crime, originally tweeted by a white nationalist, in order to spread misinformation and paint people of color as a serious danger to Trump’s white supporters?

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Violence is a serious charge.

Maybe we should also discuss that time Trump said we should “take out” the families of people who commit terrorist acts, family members who may or may not be aware of the acts or have any involvement in committing those acts?

Terrorism is a serious charge.

Perhaps, too, we should note that this is exactly why Zeke Miller’s report that the bust of MLK had been removed from the Oval Office by Donald Trump was so believable. No one decided Trump was a racist that day.

They decided Trump was racist when he levied serious charges against black and brown folks to win the racists’ votes.

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