CNN Accidentally Cuts To Trump Too Early, What He Was Doing Will Make You Angry (VIDEO)


So what is Donald Trump doing when no one is watching? Is he looking for world peace? Is the new president trying to solve the environmental crisis? No, he is doing none of these. Trump is watching TV! This is how we found out.

Trump’s aides are deeply concerned that their big boss has fallen down a deep well of obsession and will never climb out. The new man in the Oval Office just cannot seem to stop watching cable news.

Right after the Trump administration declared war on the media, his chief White House strategist, Stephen Bannon told the New York Times:

‘The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while.’

But Trump embarrassed himself when CNN cut to the new president on Air Force One Thursday and discovered him with a blaring television playing commercials. The CNN anchor let the shot play out.

It was not as if the president was alone. He was in the midst of an interview, surrounded by a troop of clicking news cameras. In fact, Trump appeared to be showing the journalists how much disdain he had for them by intentionally letting the sound drone on behind him.

This was Trump’s first ride on Air Force One as he traveled to Philadelphia to speak at the Republican’s retreat. White House staff say that the guy’s schedule is designed to give him an abundance of cable news, which he watches throughout his evenings and any other time he can squeeze it into his life.

Trump does not read books, and thus far, he has preferred Fox News over CNN and MSNBC.

This is no minor habit. The man in the White House appears to make policy announcements linked directly to what he has seen on Fox News minutes earlier. The Washington Post wrote:

‘For the fourth time in four days, Trump has pretty clearly responded to something he saw on the news by taking to Twitter…

‘Trump has now done it again, tweeting that Chelsea Manning is an “ungrateful traitor” 14 minutes after Fox News ran that phrase on its screen, as CNN’s Brian Stelter notes.’

Check out Donald Trump and his rude behavior on CNN’s video:

Featured Image: Jeff Zeleny‘s Twitter Page.