*Journalism Icon Dan Rather Just Made A Historic Career Announcement – Get Ready


Media idol Dan Rather, formerly on CBS Evening News, put a new Facebook page into motion to assist with confronting lies and the so-called alternative facts from the new president. Like many people throughout the world, Rather is ready to put an end to Trump’s trash talk and incorrect news media.

The Facebook page he launched is called News and Guts, it will give accounts of accurate, compelling news. If other media outlets would stand with Rather to rebel against tiny-handed Trump, and share trustworthy information in place of misleading lies from Trump’s administration, we would all be a little more pleasant.

In just the short span of a few weeks, News and Guts has gained over 350 thousand followers who are backing Rather and are disgusted beyond belief with the alternate facts that have been broadcast as actual news.

Rather wants his new account to be more unrestrained than his personal Facebook page. What Rather is getting at is an open flow of two-way street thoughts that the people, followers of News and Guts, want to see investigated more in-depth. Having honest and trustworthy journalism will be pleasant and refreshing, especially with Donald Trump wanting to be in control and limit or alter what gets reported. By no means will this page be one of Trump’s highlighted news outlets, but it also will not tremble with intimidation at Trump’s bluffs.

Trump’s advisers are encouraging him to cut ties with media outlets that criticize him, and many journalists are taking caution to steer clear of his “bad side.” (Or worst side, since there is nothing even relatively good about Trump.) The advisers encouraging Trump to place bans and filters on the media to say who is actually allowed to broadcast information are also tempting him to commit an unconstitutional crime that would violate the First Amendment of the Constitution, which protects freedom of the press.

Both The New York Times and CNN, both credible news outlets, called Trump out. He was called a phony for lying about the inaugural crowd size and for the irrational allegation that voter fraud was committed and cost him the popular vote.

The only voter fraud committed was not following through with a recount for the areas with broken polling machines.

Now is the time that the media builds their own wall against Trump. Stop cowering down to him, and report real news. Losing viewers will diminish the advertisers who want to support and retell the lies of Trump. And, if you really want to get a word in, writing letters to advertisers does an astonishing job.

Featured Image via GettyImages/ Maarten de Boer.