The Country Of Mexico Just Made A Huge Announcement – Listen Up, President Trump


The following image that was shared in a Tweet, which was created by a Mexican food activist group, shows clenched fist decorated with the colors of the flag of Mexico, red, white, and green, along with the nation’s emblem of the eagle. It encourages individuals to purchase within their own country and oppose anyone who is supporting President Donald Trump:

‘Consumers, to the Shout of War. Consume products made in country…Use your buying power to punish the companies that favor the politics of the new U.S. government.’

The picture is just of many memes, messages, and videos that have spread throughout Mexico in the days since Trump has been sworn into office and is now making strides to get a wall built, starting deportations and punishing trade rules.
There are also boycotts of all American-based companies that have expanded into Mexico – McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and even Starbucks with a trending hashtag #AdiosStarbucks. Starbucks owns hundreds of coffee shops in Mexico.

Mexico’s boycotts are showing the uproar that has taken place just in the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency. If he can cause this much disruption in one week just imagine the destruction that could occur within four years. On Thursday Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, canceled his conference at the White House following Trump’s attempts to con Mexico into paying for the border wall that they in no way asked for. The Mexican government has suggested that Mexico should withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement, also know as NAFTA, before accepting a terrible revision of the agreement. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, an opposition leader, requested a lawsuit in the United Nations to forbid the border wall from being built.

If a trade war were to break out between Mexico and the U.S. it would be unbalanced. With the U.S. being ten times larger than Mexico, the import tariffs and deportation of millions of immigrants could possibly cause a recession. Mexico seems to be prepared to stand their ground and put up a fight again Trump.

Enzzo Omar Sosa of the Mexicanos Al Grito de Guerra or Mexicans to the Shout of War said:

‘We need to stand up to Trump’s threats and his economic war. We need to support Mexican companies, which provide jobs and maintain our macro economy. Hitting U.S. companies could also make them pressure President Trump over his aggressive positions against Mexico.’

It is unknown how much damage the boycotts will cause to American businesses. On Wednesday Trump signed the order for the building of the border wall. Following the signing of Trump’s executive order, a Starbucks in a middle-class Roma neighborhood in Mexico City lost 10% of their customers overnight. The manager, who wanted to remain anonymous, stated: ‘It’s bad because this is a franchise and it affects the jobs of Mexican workers.’

There have been many protests against Trump that have taken place in Mexico City just outside of the U.S. embassy where piñatas of the president were burned. The main reason behind the commotion is Trump’s insistence that Mexico to pay for the wall, according to protestor Maria Garcia of the BI-national Coalition Against Trump. She said:

‘They can build what they want in their territory. But pay for it themselves. The demand we pay for it is a weapon to beat us into submission. It is blackmail.’

There have been mixed messages sent out from the White House on how it will force Mexico to pay for the wall that could be up to $15billion in costs. Press Secretary Sean Spicer even suggested putting a 20% tax on Mexican imports, which would wreak havoc on the economy in Mexico.

Trump is obviously rejected by the people of Mexico but Enrique Pena Nieto isn’t far behind on the Mexican people’s list of disliked politicians. In a Reforma poll, his ratings dropped dramatically setting him up to be the most despised president in Mexican history. Pena Nieto can thank violent crimes, scandals of corruption, and increased prices for his decline in favoritism.

Maria Eugenia Valdez, a political expert, thinks Pena Nieto has set them up for disaster:

‘He has taken all the wrong steps. He should never have planned to meet Trump so early in his presidency. He is not offering a convincing leadership. NAFTA is already dead. It is like a marriage is breaking up. But it is not going to be an easy divorce.’

Featured image via Don Emmert/ GettyImages.