First Refugees Denied Entry Risked Their Lives Helping U.S. Soldiers In Iraq (DETAILS)


As promised during his campaign, President Donald Trump has issued an executive order barring immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations. However, this ban does not include any of the nations that were home to the 9/11 hijackers nor does it include countries where Trump maintains any business interests. However, aside from being racist and ineffective, this order also targets those who are in this country legally, including those who have risked their lives to protect this country.

As Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) points out on Twitter, among the first people affected by this ban were men who had risked their lives for this country. The New York Times reports that one of the men who was detained at JFK airport was Hameed Khalid Darweesh who worked for the U.S. government as an interpreted during the Iraq War.

‘The first two refugees kept out of America by President Trump’s order are Iraqis who helped US troops survive during the war.’

‘These men risked their lives for years to keep our troops safe. One was with the 101st Airborne. This is no way to treat our allies.’

Darweesh was eventually released, but the other remains in custody. Darweesh was, understandably, angry over the situation.

‘What I do for this country? They put the cuffs on. You know how many soldiers I touch by this hand’

Darweesh’s situation highlights a major problem with Trump’s Muslim ban. It does not protect the U.S. or its allies. It merely serves to alienate those who could be our allies. If people feel alienated and isolated then they will be more likely to be taken in by extremist groups whether that be ISIS, the KKK, or some religious cult.

Ultimately, Trump’s Muslim ban, and that’s what it is regardless of what he might say, does not keep America safe. In fact, it likely places us at greater risk from attacks by extremists. Furthermore, it undermines our values as a country. The United States was built by immigrants and founded on the principle of religious freedom. Trump’s ban spits on that history and it should not be tolerated.

Thankfully, not everyone is onboard with Trump’s cowardly and xenophobic policies. Since he took office, thousands have gathered in protest and more marches are coming. This morning, people gathered outside JFK Airport to protest the detention of Darweesh and his companion.

Featured image via Getty Images.