Men Detained At Airport Yesterday After Muslim Ban Enforced Have A Big Surprise For Trump


Two Iraqi men who were given visas to legally enter the United States have hired attorneys to file a lawsuit against our ignorant president, Donald Trump and his administration. The lawsuits were filed after the Iraqi citizens were apprehended on Friday following their arrival in New York.

Per the court documents, both of the men from Iraq had been granted legal permission to enter the U.S. but, due to the executive orders Trump signed on Friday, they were arrested. The order was signed Friday while there were refugees in mid-flight headed into the U.S.

The order that was written reinstated the Secure Communities Program. The program is used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or (ICE) to aid in the removal of illegal immigrants.It denies Iraqi citizens from entering the U.S. for 90 days. The lawyers representing the two Iraqi men are requesting a hearing, pleading the men being held in detention is illegal because they had valid visas.

The lawyers, of the men being detained at the Kennedy Airport, filed a writ of habeas corpus, demanding the men be taken before a judge to ensure the individuals are released unless there were grounds for prolonged detention. The men’s lawyers are hoping to also file a class action lawsuit to further protect additional refugees from the travel ban detainment issues.

It has to be heart-wrenching for the families of these men who were cheerfully awaiting their arrival just to be told they are being sent back to their home country of Iraq. It is disgusting that we are taking steps backward with racism and denying the legal rights of human individuals. Trump is causing unnecessary commotion to arise throughout the world and making the United States an even larger target for a mass casualty attack. Pissing off our allies and destroying relationships that our country has previously worked hard to obtain and keep on a decent level of communication is the perfect recipe for failure. Something has to be done to stop Donald Trump from taking us all down with him.

For more info on the refugee situation watch the video below:

Featured image via GettyImages/Nicholas Kamm.