Protesters Demand Release Of Muslim Ban Detainees At Major Airport (IMAGES)


They’re pouring in, tweets and other social media posts about the dozens of innocent people who have the right to be in the U.S. legally, but being are being detained because of Trump’s newest legislation.

Even war heroes who have proven their allegiance and loyalty to the U.S. are being detained.

The crowds are also pouring in. CNN reports that “several hundred people” have converged on John F. Kennedy Airport’s terminal four to protest the detention of travelers being held in accordance with Donald Trump’s Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States, executive order.

Cab drivers called for a work stoppage to protest the Muslim ban:

The tension around what Trump’s actions will lead to are growing and people are openly expressing their fears, such as documentary filmmaker Michael Moore did when he tweeted:

The fear that America will soon be a nation at work on domestic soil, as well as abroad because of Trump’s declaration of war against Muslims, is real and sincere. Trump has only been in office eight days.

People fear for their lives. Others are being kept from returning to homes in which they legally reside. Many more will be prevented from entering the country they have the right to be in. It is absolutely sickening to watch Trump and those who support his Muslim ban so arrogantly spew hate with no regard for the possible repercussions.

Is this what Donald Trump meant when he said he would “Make America Great Again?”

A video taken outside of JFK can be viewed below, via YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty/Stephanie Keith/Stringer.