Wikipedia Was Just Edited To Hilariously Mock Paul Ryan’s Spinelessness (IMAGE)


House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has quickly joined Donald Trump’s cadre of Washington’s most hated Republicans. Ryan supports the privatization of Medicare, a move that will help wealthy insurance moguls, but be damning to seniors who depend on Medicare’s benefits. He is in favor of re-writing the tax codes that will favor the rich and hurt the poor.

As many GOP officials openly show signs of dissenting with Donald Trump’s Muslim BanPaul Ryan stands in solidarity with Trump. There are lots of reasons to dislike Paul Ryan and those reasons earned him quite the edit on Wikipedia.

You read that correctly. Paul Ryan’s picture was used to define invertebrate, which by definition, is an animal with no backbone.

Some people feel that Paul Ryan is in fact a spineless creature. The Houston Chronicle reports:

‘The Wisconsin Republican has come under fire from some quarters recently for not being willing to stand up to Donald Trump after vocally opposing him during the campaign season. No one has claimed credit for the edit, which has since been taken down. And, a quick review of Ryan’s twitter feeds shows no reaction to the post, even though Twitter went nuts for the edit.’

Twitter did go nuts. In this sad and emotionally heavy political climate full of religious and other persecution, comic relief should be welcomed and used to remind us that humor doesn’t reduce our passion around a cause, yet has the power to strengthen one’s focus by providing a constructive respite.

If you need to laugh to keep from crying about the deplorable treatment Muslims are facing in this post-Trump climate, and Americans of African descent have always been subjected to in this country, enjoy these Twitter reactions to Paul Ryan being listed as the definition of an invertebrate.

Featured Image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla/Staff