Ashton Kutcher Delivers Anti-Trump Muslim Ban Message During SAG Awards


As part of the opening ceremonies for the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, Ashton Kutcher gave a special message to those affected by Trump’s immigration ban, as well as those protesting. His message welcomed the guests in attendance, the audience at home and:

‘…everyone in airports that belong in my America! You are a part of the fabric of who we are, and we love you, and we welcome you.’

Donald Trump’s Muslim ban has sparked protests across the country as people have taken to the streets to voice their opposition to Trump’s order, which bars thousands of immigrants and refugees, including those with valid green cards from entering the country.

Shortly after the ban was imposed, two men, who held valid Visas and had even worked for the U.S. military, were detained at JFK International airport. This resulted in 100s of New Yorkers simply dropping whatever they were doing and going to protest for their release. This movement sparked similar protests across the country.

The ACLU has successfully challenged the order in court gaining a temporary stay in regards to those who hold green cards and valid visas, but it does not apply to those refugees who do not hold them.

Hopefully, more people, celebrities or otherwise, will follow Kutcher’s lead and speak out against Trump’s unconstitutional and inhumane policies.

You can see Kutcher’s opening monolog here:

Featured image via Getty Images.