CNN Uncovers True Author Of ‘Trump’ Muslim Ban, Prepare To Be Outraged (DETAILS)


Guess who is responsible for the component to President Trump’s Muslim ban that left dozens upon dozens of legal permanent residents in police custody at airports around the country on Friday and Saturday?

Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon went from head of the virulently far-right “news” outlet Breitbart to a senior position within the Trump presidential campaign to his current position, as senior adviser to the president. This man, who feels it not out of line to assert that the press should “keep its mouth shut” on issues regarding Trump’s presidential administration, wields a deeply disturbing amount of power in the White House.

He’s the one who, by Trump’s order, just replaced the Director of National Intelligence on the National Security Council.

He’s reportedly the one behind much of the content of the incendiary executive orders that have been flying out of the Trump White House at breakneck speed in recent days.

Now, it’s been revealed that he’s the one who is behind the stipulation of Trump’s travel ban on a number of Muslim majority countries that it applies to green card holders, too. In other words, he is behind Trump’s newly rolled out policy of not only keeping out any new Muslim refugees, but also kicking out any Muslim refugees who have already made it here.

CNN reports that lawyers with the Department of Homeland Security delivered the ruling late on Friday that Trump’s then-just signed executive order did not apply to green card holders, otherwise known as those people who have a lawful permanent residence in the United States.

However, CNN goes on to report the following:

‘The White House overruled that guidance [on green card holders] overnight, according to officials familiar with the rollout. That order came from the President’s inner circle, led by Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon…. Bannon and Miller were running point on this order and giving directives regarding green cards, according to a Republican close to the White House.’

Bannon and Miller, in other words, personally took on the roles of deciding who was allowed into the United States and who wasn’t as of Sunday morning.

Miller, although not in the spotlight quite as much as Bannon, doesn’t have views that are even a bit more comforting then Bannon’s. Miller, for example, served formerly as a staffer for the virulently racist and anti-civil rights Alabama U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, and he is seen as an “ally” of white nationalists, similarly to Bannon.

Sessions is likely about to become our next Attorney General, but that’s a different story.

The virulently racist Bannon’s gargantuan role within the new presidential administration has sparked the ire of many concerned observers. The hashtag “Stop President Bannon” is trending on Twitter, with messages filed under it such as “this is the bigger concern than any other executive order. America – Wake up! You have a dictator.”

Other messages, featured below, include “We must Stop President Bannon- he is evil, destructive, sociopathic and violent. He has no place in the White House.”

Featured Image via Andrew Harrer/ Bloomberg via Getty Images.