Rhianna Hits ‘Immoral Pig’ Trump Over Muslim Ban In Wildly Viral Tweet (IMAGE)


A flood of celebrities have stepped up and spoken out against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. The tweets of protest against the new president and support for Muslim immigrants and citizens have circulated widely and gone viral each day since Trump signed the executive order on Friday banning travel to America for seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Perhaps none have articulated the same level of sheer outrage as singer and actress Rhianna’s tweet upon witnessing the effects of Trump xenophobic overreach.

Just as many of us have since the ban was implemented, celebrities have weighed in on the outrageous ban, using their massive social media platforms to speak out against it. Alyssa Milano tweeted a photo of herself and her best friend, who happens to be Muslim and the son of a Palestinian refugee.

Actor Seth Rogen joined in the organizing efforts to bring Americans together to resist the inhumane treatment of Muslims in the United States.

Kerry Washington, Emmy Rossum, George Takei, and Rob Reiner joined in with a host of others to express their own outrage.

Trump is sure to dismiss the outrage from notably liberal Hollywood. After all, he’s the same president who pouted about the Women’s March last Saturday and said that the cause fought for by three million marchers was hurt because celebrities also spoke out that day. Trump’s disdain for celebrities expressing political opinions is fairly ironic, though.

Isn’t being a celebrity with a political opinion exactly how Trump became president?

Featured image via Getty/James Devaney