Trump Continues Sunday Morning Meltdown With ‘FAKE NEWS’ Attack On U.S. Media (IMAGES)


While the rest of the nation — and world — busies itself with dealing with the human effects of President Trump’s inhuman Muslim ban, the president is keeping himself busy by attacking what he likes to call the “failing” New York Times on Twitter.

He wrote on Sunday morning, “Somebody with aptitude and conviction should buy the FAKE NEWS and failing New York Times and either run it correctly or let it fold with dignity!”

Trump tweeted similarly just yesterday, when he wrote, among other things, that “the failing New York Times has been wrong about me from the very beginning.”

Mind you, the NYT is not in any way, shape, or form a “failing publication.” Its readership, in fact, has reached record levels since Donald Trump took office. After all, he created an immense need for fact checkers that was readily fulfilled by such news outlets as the NYT. 

The thing is, however, that Trump and his team’s mindbogglingly endless attacks on various media outlets aren’t about those media outlets themselves. Rather, the Trump-ian attacks like his Sunday morning tweet are about clearing the way for the Trump administration to force its alternative facts down the throat of as many Americans as possible.

After all, if Americans believe the facts that come from such publications as the New York Times, then how will Trump be able to convince them that building a wall along the entire U.S./ Mexico border is actually a good idea? How will he be able to convince them that Muslims actually pose some kind of security threat to the United States?

Exactly — he won’t. Thus he continueshis campaign to undercut reality itself so that he can have plenty of room to push his own, alternate reality.

Stay tuned.

Featured Image via Pete Marovich – Pool/Getty Images